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EUclaim ensures that airline passengers receive the compensation they are entitled to. When passengers face a flight delay, cancellation, missed connection or denied boarding they are entitled to compensation as stated in Regulation 261/2004.

Our data

We assess all claim requests by using our extensive and self-developed database provided by Lennoc Flight Intelligence. This database offers us detailed insight into flight incidents the possible reasons for delays and cancellations. We can offer passengers advice concerning any possible extraordinary circumstances surrounding their flight and rebuff any false statements made by airlines when they deny claims.

  • We analyze more than 13 million flights, weather reports and sociopolitical data every day.
  • EUclaim has access to the most detailed and specialized records on flights, weather and strikes.
  • EUclaim has exclusive access to this detailed information.

Our spokespersons

    • Hendrik Noorderhaven

      Hendrik Noorderhaven


    • Lisanne Verbeek


    • Paul Vaneker

      Paul Vanaker

      Flight Intelligence

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Are you a journalist and do you want to speak with us about passenger rights or air traffic? Or do you need specific flight data for an article? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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About EUclaim

When Regulation 261/2004 first came into effect, airlines did not always comply with this legislation. That was why EUclaim was founded by Hendrik Noorderhaven in 2007. At that time, EUclaim was the only company in Europe working on behalf of airline passengers on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

The early years were not always easy, as airlines were not familiar with EUclaim, but due to the quality of our database and Hendrik’s persistence EUclaim now has an excellent reputation. Because of our we have a 97% success rate in court.

EUclaim is also politically involved in the development and enforcement of passenger rights. In order to increase our influence with the European Commission in Brussels, EUclaim, in collaboration with other organisations, we founded lobby APRA in 2018.

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