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Privacy statement

This privacy statement explains what information EUclaim requires from you, what that information is used for, how EUclaim does this and how this information is stored.

Processing your personal data

Personal data is understood to be an e-mail address, IP address, device ID, first and last name, ID number, address, date of birth, booking details, telephone number and bank details. EUclaim collects this information both directly (via a request for your data) and indirectly.

During your visit to the website, EUclaim will only process your IP address and device ID.

When you use the claim calculator to request advice about your flight, EUclaim will also process your e-mail address in addition to your IP address and device ID.

When you file a claim, EUclaim will process your e-mail address, IP address, device ID, first and last name, document ID, address, date of birth, booking details, telephone number and bank details.

EUclaim collects and processes only the personal data it needs. Processing is to be understood in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation as any action involving personal data, such as collecting, recording, storing and forwarding.

IP addresses, device ID and session cookies are among other things, collected so that EUclaim can collect historical and statistical information about the use of the website.

Your name is necessary to identify you, to address you in the correct manner and in order to be able to use the correct salutation in direct communication with you.

Your booking details are important to determine whether you are entitled to a financial compensation and in order to be able to submit the claim to the airline.

A (working) e-mail address is requested so that you can be kept informed of the service of EUclaim, the progress your claim and to inform you about your rights.

EUclaim needs your address details to correspond with you (if necessary) regarding the settlement of your claim as well as for the drafting of a summons or small claims procedure.

A (working) telephone number is asked to be able to contact you regarding the handling of your claim.

An identity card and date of birth is necessary so that the airline, EUclaim and the court can verify your identity. Finally, your bank details are requested so that the financial compensation can be paid to you in the event of successful completion of the claim.

Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties such as the airline, a bailiff, (other) legal service provider and the court, if this is strictly necessary for the successful completion of your claim. If your data needs to be exchanged with another third party (s) than mentioned above, your consent will always be requested. If necessary, your data will be processed in the context of a legal obligation.

EUclaim complies with the legal provisions as laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Legislation and protection

EUclaim can also collect, use, store and/or share your information if EUclaim is of the opinion that this is reasonably necessary;

  • on the basis of applicable laws and regulations, in legal proceedings or upon government requests;
  • to enforce the applicable Terms and Conditions and policies of EUclaim, including the investigation of possible violations;
  • to detect, investigate, prevent and combat fraud and other illegal activities, security or technical problems; and
  • to protect the rights, property and safety of our users, EUclaim and third party(s).

Your identity card

As previously indicated EUclaim requires an identity card. We ask for such a document (among other things) so that the airline can verify the signature on the signed power of attorney with the signature on your ID. In a legal procedure we also need your full name and date of birth visible on your ID as proof to the court. Your social security number and passport photo are not required. You can black this out. If you do not cover this information, EUclaim will do this.

You are not required to send a copy of your identity document, but please note: without this document we may be forced to close your file. We can charge costs for this. Please see the general terms and conditions of EUclaim.

Storage of your data

If you file a claim with us we will create a (personal) online file for you. We will store your data in this file. We store this file on a secure server. Everything that you send by e-mail or post at a later date will be added to this file by us.

All information you provide us via the website is encrypted via a secure connection (HTTPS). With this we comply with the legal requirements. In addition, EUclaim conforms to the ISO 27001 and ISO 27002. The EUclaim servers are also monitored 24 hours a day.

Only employees who are authorized to do so have access to your file. These employees are all bound by a duty of confidentiality and this confidentiality obligation is supervised by the management of EUclaim.

We will share the following information with the airline: your name, date of birth, address, (anonymous) identity document and booking information. In exceptional cases, the document number of your ID and your bank details will also be shared.

EUclaim never sells your personal data to third parties.


EUclaim collects and analyses information about the use of this website. More information about the use of cookies can be found here.

Links to third parties

This website contains links to other internet sites that are not part of EUclaim. EUclaim is not liable for the content of these websites or the way in which these websites deal with the privacy of visitors, or for the placing of cookies by these other websites.

Storage period

The personal data collected by EUclaim will not be stored for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are collected and used. The retention period for the collected data of closed files and/or claims is set at 24 months.

Access, changing or deleting data

At your request EUclaim provides an overview of your information as known to EUclaim. A request for this information must be sent by e-mail to

You can also adjust your data (and have it changed) online via your online file or by e-mail.

EUclaim will remove data from the database upon your request, provided you have met your (financial) obligations.

Changes in the privacy statement

It is possible that EUclaim will extend or change this privacy statement in the future. Important and/or far-reaching changes will be communicated in a clear way. Keep an eye on this page for all changes. The most recent version is from 5 February 2018.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us via

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