Airport delay

How it works

Submit a claim through us and we will take care of all the work

We have been helping passengers who have suffered a problem with their flight receive the compensation they are entitled to. We can help you if your flight was delayed, cancelled, you missed your connecting flight or you were denied boarding, since 2007. We have already helped 743.221 passengers to receive compensation.

Submit a claim with us and we immediately get to work. We would like to tell you the steps involved when you submit a claim with us.

Ten steps to compensation

  • 1

    Right to compensation?

    Fill in the details of your delayed, cancelled or rebooked flight for a free check to see whether you are entitled to compensation. We will immediately provide you with accurate and personal advice as we have access to the unique Lennoc Flight Intelligence database. Using this database, we analyse a huge number of flight, news and weather reports on a daily basis.

  • 2

    Fill in your passenger details

    It is possible to claim for multiple passengers in one claim. Fill in the details of all the passengers for whom you want to make a claim.

  • 3

    EUclaim gets to work

    If you submit your claim with EUclaim, we take care of it on your behalf. You receive log-in details for your own online file in which you can find all communication regarding your claim. You will therefore always be up to date of the current status of your claim.

  • 4

    EUclaim investigates the claim

    We investigate your flight and travel documents in order to establish that the flight problems were not caused by extraordinary circumstances.

  • 5

    EUclaim takes on the claim

    If our data shows that there were no extraordinary circumstances, we will take on your claim.

  • 6

    Signed Power of Attorney

    You will receive a ‘Power of Attorney’ document from us for you to sign. We need this in order to submit your claim with the airline. With the Power of Attorney, we can act on your behalf, even in a legal procedure.

  • 7

    Communication with the airline

    We begin by sending a maximum of three claim letters to the airline. The length of the claim process depends on the airline’s response. If the airline does not respond in time, your claim is taken over by our legal department.

  • 8

    Claim accepted

    The airline pays your compensation. It can take up to 8 weeks before we receive the compensation from the airline.

  • 9

    Add your bank details

    We kindly ask you to fill in your bank details in your online file so that we can transfer your compensation.

  • 10

    EUclaim transfers the compensation

    When we receive the payment from the airline, we transfer the compensation, minus our success fee and administration costs, on the 15th or 30th of the month.

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